Boraie Development LLC, A Leading Real Estate Developer
November 24, 2016 — 13:14

About the Boraie Development
Boraie Development is a real estate company of Omar Boraie that deals in property management, sales, marketing, and real estate development. The company operates with other contractors, architects, and financial institutions to complete projects.

Boraie Development LLC Expansions in the South Inlet
A group of development officials, entrepreneurs, and experts, met at Atlantic City Convention Center to envision a transformative idea of the South Inlet two years ago. The event on was organized by the Philadelphia Urban Land Institute division. This is a charitable organization that specializes in real estate policy and land use. The six-day meeting was a research to study to propose a redevelopment plan of the destroyed South Inlet area. It was proposed by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Boraie Development LLC was consequently awarded the tender to buy the area and convert it into an apartment complex. The company and Omar Boraie was also to demolish the View apartment building at the New Hampshire Avenue and Oriental Avenue intersection.

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Wasseem Boraie was the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC. He headed the project. Work began in 2014 with the company constructing two hundred and fifty apartment complex units on Boraie expressed his delight in the project saying that the Inlet development was to be a joint venture between the agencies, universities, and the public.

Boraie Development’s Projects in the New Brunswick Downtown
The New Brunswick downtown area had faced the continuous relative neglect and a decline in property values says Omar Boraie. The downtown area was still full of low-rent traders even though it had notable entertainment and restaurants options. The area has been under constant considerations for potential renovations despite housing the Rutgers University main campus.

The mayor’s office, leading private firms, and the New Brunswick Development Corp redrew the academic, commercial, and residential landscape of this downtown area.  The real estate developer aimed to reconstruct the entire downtown area into powerful economic millennial incentive and transit-friendly live-work-play destinations. Boraie developed part of the land into luxury rental apartments likened to the most stylish Manhattan accommodations. These rentals include the Aspire which is a seventeen storey residential high-rise located next to the New York direct service train station.. The apartments have been received with an irresistible response from potential renters who also value the apartments’ community lounge and kitchens.

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    The apartments feature on-site parking, full-service doorman, rooftop garden patio, green roof, yoga, and a fitness center.They awarded a tender to Boraie Development. That is to say that would have all these things required from them in order to make sure they have it all.

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