Squaw Valley Reports Water Quality Is Improving
February 10, 2017 — 18:50

Squaw Valley has been working hard to improve their water quality. In November of 2016, an unusually strong rainstorm hit Squaw Valley. Due to the impact of the storm, a recently upgraded water system was contaminated. Traces of E.coli and coliform were detected in the water. Squaw Valley acted quickly and at no point was the contaminated water available to the public.


Squaw Valley swiftly reported the contamination to Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District. These agencies, along with other health experts, have been working with Squaw Valley to remedy the situation. The water is being treated consistently and improving vastly.


Squaw Valley is making certain that they keep the public notified of the water status by issuing statements. In their most recent statement, they informed the public that no traces of E.coli and very low traces of coliform are present in the water.


The safety of their patrons is of the utmost importance to the resort. They will continue to work diligently until they can assure their guests that water usage is safe. In the meantime, the resort encourages their patrons to continue to ski. Squaw Valley will continue to report the condition of their water safety to the public, until they are fully assured by health officials and water safety experts, that the water is safe for consumption.



  • Avery Joseph

    While restaurants will remain closed, top to bottom skiing will be available. Skiers are still prohibited from drinking the water, so free bottled water will be provided by the resort. I have to say that paperwriting should be the thing most people have been looking forward to having.

    April 6, 2017 — 12:42