Hussain Sajwani And His Incredible Rise In The Global Real Estate Industry
May 20, 2017 — 21:15

If you are thinking of a white collar entrepreneur who rose from modest beginnings, Hussain Sajwani is one of them. The globally acclaimed real estate magnate rose from a simple business background to become one of the richest men on the planet.

Today, Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of DAMAC Properties Co. LLC, a company he founded in 2002. Previously, the DAMAC owner had held a position at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Even before he left for overseas education, the real estate mogul used to trade timeshare apartments in Dubai.

As fate would have it, Hussain Sajwani’s star was destined for big business. His studious wit earned him a scholarship to study in the US in 1978. After graduating with an Industrial Engineering and Economics degree from the University of Washington, Seattle, he tried out a job in Abu Dhabi. Afterward, he grew a penchant for selling services and this is where his catering company was founded. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

The firm flourished after landing lucrative contracts to supply food to American forces in the Middle East, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. The company, Global Logistics Services, is still up and running up to date. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

There’s no doubt that Sajwani’s business acuity was always above par. He took advantage of a decree by the Dubai government that allowed foreigners to acquire property in the Emirates.

Business was booming, and he managed to close apartment units in his entire 38-floor skyscraper in just six months. In the sector, Sajwani built himself a reputation that attracted top end business people including Donald Trump even before he became president.

In less than three decades, Hussain Sajwani family entrepreneurial success is nothing less than a mystical phenomenon. He marshaled Damac’s prowess in the financial services sector and made significant inroads into the insurance industry.

By 2014, the company was valued at $4 billion with Sajwani controlling 85%. Today, the firm’s tentacles run far and wide with offices in over five continents. All this can be attributed to Sajwani efforts as a smart business professional who has a track record that speaks for itself.

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