Cotemar Mexico at the Center Of Mexican Oil Revolution
June 26, 2017 — 1:15

A new energy revolution in Mexico is underway: A deep water oil exploration tender that will see $ 45 billion worth of investments flow into Mexico is just about to happen, the Mexican Energy Secretariat says. At the center of the oil revolution, is the giant Mexican oil and gas company Cotemar.


Serving the Oil and Gas Industry


There is no doubt that Cotemar will play a crucial role in boosting the Mexican economy once the deep water oil project starts. Cotemar is a 38-year old oil and gas industry company specializing in offshore oil fields development, construction services, and maritime operations support. Additionally, Cotemar is also excellent in vessel maintenance, accommodation, catering, and transporting staff and supplies offshore with specialized sea vessels.


Founded in 1992, Cotemar’s services and contribution to the Mexican oil industry especially in offshore oilfields is exemplary. Cotemar’s highly specialized services fall into three strategic classes:


Expert Maritime Vessels Services


The company has assisted offshore oil field investors to transport personnel, foodstuffs, or light-weight items using specialized vessels. The company also has fire-fighting vessels, towing vessels, and barges boats to supplement any offshore oil drilling operations.


Construction, Engineering, and Maintenance


With a staff that is experienced in oil rig maintenance, oil rig rehabilitation, and caring for oil processing centers, Cotemar is the right partner in any offshore oil project. The staff at Cotemar is quite good at running jobs and even the assembling of prefab buildings.


Accommodation and Catering


Cotemar has the advantage over other companies offering oil drilling services. To guarantee the welfare of oil drilling clients, Cotemar will provide accommodation and catering too.


Work Ethics and Values


To work for Cotemar provides an opportunity for an integral development of your career, family, physical, and social life. Cotemar’s employees and their families can enjoy a wide range of programs ranging from equity programs, education, sports, health, and social events that promote family integration.


Service to Community


Cotemar believes that the community in which the company does business is part of the Cotemar family. To fulfill the company’s social responsibility, Cotemar has programs to create jobs, culture, social, health, and educational institutions for the community.


Sustainable Environment


Ensuring the sustainability of the environment during and after oil drilling activities is part of Cotemar’s policy. To promote environmental friendly oil drilling operations, Cotemar will operate on ecological preservation guidelines.


As the Mexican oil revolution takes off, Cotemar is ready to offer their 38-year old experience and professionalism but also help the community and preserve the environment.


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