Dr. David Samadi’s Valuable Advice on Prostate Cancer
February 27, 2018 — 17:40

Prostate cancer holds no prejudice; it impacts men in all walks of life from politicians to the impoverished. Prostate cancer is being diagnosed in men over 60 years of age, at the ratio of one in six. That makes Dr. David Samadi, along with most urologist, some of the busiest doctors. The notion, however, that prostate cancer is a disease for the middle aged man is fast becoming a thing of the past. Dr. David Samadi is starting to see a steady increase in prostate cancer and prostate conditions in much younger men, he sees many patients and has valuable experience in this field.

Dr. Samadi:

* is a member of the American Urologic Association

* is a member of the American Medical Association

* performs over 15 prostate surgeries per week

* has performed over 7000 robotic prostate surgeries

* makes weekly appearances on Fox News as a medical correspondent

This list of experiences in the surgical field, alone, should be enough for a potential patient to seek Dr. Samadi out for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Samadi highly recommends prostate check ups even before age 60, and surgical intervention over radiation.

The growing number of prostate cancer diagnosis has spurred Dr. Samadi to state, “… don’t wait around until you’re 60 to get tested… do it early”. The earlier the cancer is found the easier it is to treat with surgery. The good news for men everywhere: there is no reason to fear your prostate check up as, recently, it requires only a simple blood test analysis. Dr. Samadi has stated, “… about 90% of patients that are detected early are cured.” That is a bold yet hopeful statement supporting early check ups.

According to Dr. David Samadi, surgery is the key to successful healing. If the cancer is detected in the early stages and is localized within the prostate, surgery is beneficial. Dr. Samadi highly recommends surgery because men who undergo radiation therapy have a higher percentage of developing secondary cancer. Radiation can cause damage to neighboring structures such as the urinary bladder and sexual organs. Radiation patients are also twice as likely to die than those who receive an early diagnosis and chose the surgical route. To know more about him click here.

Knowing how easy it is to get a prostate test and how important it is to catch prostate cancer early, Dr. Samadi’s advice stands strong. There is no reason to delay testing for another day. Start today.

NewsWatch TV Garners One More Great Review
February 14, 2018 — 22:36

NewsWatch remains the “go to show” for anyone wishing to learn about consumer news, mobile app reviews, and other intriguing topics. Staying up on tech, app, social media, and consumer electronics news becomes easier after tuning into NewsWatch. The show is also quite a bit more entertainment than reading any dry reviews.


NewsWatch TV also works with clients to produce custom content. NewsWatch TV provides expert-level production services for those wishing to greatly expand their media presence and promotional endeavors.


The reviews and testimonials for NewsWatch aren’t dry, though. Clients who work with NewsWatch to launch media projects definitely feel thrilled they made the affiliation.


One client absolutely had good things to say about the working relationship with NewsWatch TV Reviews. Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, procured the services of NewsWatch TV to craft reviews for television and online media. Tim Rush, a top executive at Saygus, noted the work performed by Newswatch TV helped drive sales. Obviously, improved sales benefit a company in a multitude of ways.


Relaying a message has to be done the right way in order for results to be gained. Putting together a weak video won’t exactly assist promotional pursuits. Newswatch TV’s produced content is hardly weak. As Rush notes, NewsWatch TV is able to pull together several different elements of a solid campaign to create perfect content.


Newswatch TV is sure to gain more high-profile clients. Those clients likely will provide their own glowing reviews. Newswatch TV always strives to deliver on what clients want as evidenced by one pleased customer after the other.


The Past, the Present, and the Future of Fashion Belongs to Academy of Art University.
February 14, 2018 — 22:18

The Academy of Art University is a privately owned art school based out of San Francisco, California and was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, it was originally purposed for training artist to work in advertising, which would be obvious to anyone who knew it had a previous name, The Academy of Advertising Art.

It wasn’t until Stephens’ grand-daughter, Elisa Stephens, took over in 1992 when the school really started to blossom. She not only expanded the school’s number of students by 9 fold, in 2005 she changed the direction of the school forever when she entered her students in the New York Fashion show. They were a huge success.

Fashion is far from being the only attraction of The Academy of Art University. Alumni of the school have went on to work for Hollywood blockbusters such as Boss Baby, Ferdinand, and the newest Star Wars films. The school also participates in the NCAA Division II in several sports and has an impressive car museum consisting of over 200 unique and custom vehicles.

As great as it sounds to have so many successful students working in Hollywood, it is definitely the fashion department that draws this college the most attention.

Hailun Zhou, a student at the college debuted a unique peace on stage, a futuristic silver and blank women’s outfit that looked like it belonged in a sci-fi movie rather than on the stage during New York Fashion Week.

Teaming together, Joanna Jadellah and Cana Klebanoff went the direct opposite way. Using a very loose stitching and rustic colors they created a man’s garment that appeared to be pulled from ages long passed. Cana, who was raised in New Jersey, explained that their inspiration was drawn from the ancient Japanese samurai and the architecture of medieval castles.

The Academy of Art University certainly showed why they are the past, present and the future of fashion design at last years New York Fashion Week.

Discover the Beauty of Fabletics Brand Now Sold Through Amazon Also
February 13, 2018 — 5:51

Women can discover the beauty of Fabletics brand now sold through Amazon. These intriguing clothes in athletic styles are allowing ladies the chance to buy comfort clothes that feature incredible and vivid color options. Gone are those boring sweats that used to be the standard of what a lady wore to the gym. These gorgeous styles can be seen in casual restaurants, walking along the street, picking up laundry and shopping for healthy foods. The garment keeps its original shape no matter how long a woman wears it. Perfect for morning to night outfits able to be tossed on quickly for those busy days.


Kate Hudson knows firsthand how busy a woman’s life can be. She endorses only those products that live up to her top superior expectations. Never one to wear sloppy fashions, Kate wants to uplift all ladies with beautiful clothing that is surprisingly chic and low cost. The ability for the girl next door to be able to afford these Fabletics fashions are what Kate strives to do. Now being sold through Amazon also, Fabletics is sure to draw many more excited new customers. Kate invites everyone in the Fabletics family to take a Lifestyle Quiz that actually determines a lady’s top style recommendations, color compatibility, activity normally performed and more.


Fabletics brand doesn’t just guess when they redo their showrooms. Ingeniously, they figure out what their most loyal customers are more apt to buy for any given showroom period. They can do this by saving customer sales and Internet website browse histories, plus they input the Lifestyle Quiz answer results anonymously to a common computer platform. As customers lose interest in one selection, the program figures out what they are currently interested in by sales and so forth. This reverse showroom is one of the larger reasons why Fabletics profits are so astonishing.


By selling through Amazon, Fabletics is going after a new market of females. There are women who tend to log onto Amazon to search for the clothes that appeal to them. Now, Fabletics fashions will be there too. So far, sales are again up. Fabletics insists on high quality materials, and they do not skimp on these items. The result is always well crafted garments sturdy enough to last long, and comfy enough to leave on. The benefits of buying Fabletics are enormous. Ladies save cash, and they discover mesmerizing clothes that fit.