Mike Baur: How to Grow a Startup Business
May 30, 2018 — 3:43

Mike Baur is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe today. The Swiss businessman is also a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, a firm that specializes in assisting startups to grow and become successful in their chosen business field. He currently serves as a managing partner for the Swiss Startup Factory, and he helped the business to become what it is today – a formidable firm that is being sought after by business starters. Before he established the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur worked with bank corporations for more than two decades. However, he realized later on that he would not be successful if he stayed long enough being an employee. His life took a different turn, and he quit his job in the banking industry. Mike Baur recruited some of his colleagues, including Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, to establish the Swiss Startup Factory.



The Swiss Startup Factory was registered as an official business in 2014, and in just a short period after the company’s establishment, the Swiss Startup Factory experienced significant growth. According to Mike Baur, one of the reasons why their company experienced a sudden growth is because of the huge number of people who are into startups today. When he and his colleagues were brainstorming about their business plans, it came up to him that the world needs a startup accelerator firm that would help newcomers succeed. He pointed out that a startup accelerator firm does not exist yet in the market, and something has to be done to serve the rising demand. He also pointed out that the technology existing today makes it easier for startups to proliferate. However, not everyone can maintain their momentum and suddenly crash in the middle of their operations.



This is what Mike Baur wanted to change. He wanted the people to learn more about how businesses work so that they would not end up closing their business because of mismanagement or other foul reasons. According to Mike Baur, a mind full of imagination and ideas would be surviving the intense world of business. He said that many business people are becoming successful in entrepreneurship because they have thought outside the box, and Mike Baur wanted to teach new fundamental pointers on how the startups and its owners could succeed in a world that has been reshaped by technology. It would be difficult in the beginning, as what Mike Baur claims, but eventually, everything will fall right into place.

Sussex Healthcare The Phenomenal Home Care
May 19, 2018 — 9:32

Sussex health care is an award-winning company whose main aim is to provide an all-around superior and encompassed care that ranges from physicality to emotional issues of patients that are under its care.

As an independent company, it helps people live a full life with the support of the well-trained staff. Opened in 1985, it is in charge of more than twenty facilities. Some of the facilities include daycare, state of the art gyms, swimming pools, full care residential and many more recreational facilities. All these provide jobs that are a source of living.

One of the available jobs is for operators employed to be in charge of live-in facilities for older people living with dementia and other known ailments. Young people with disability and illnesses are also under care within the facilities. The specialists employed in the day to day running of the facilities are generally required to ensure comfort for people with both extensive care needs and those with more low scale needs.

Another one is the educational support of the caregivers. The company takes part in training and management of nurses within the educational facilities at the institutions. They train and impart skills to nurses, caregivers, and support teams. The skilled caregivers are then employed to offer the learnt services to the people.

Recreational activities are also a major part of the happenings within the institutions. This ensures that people admitted there grow both physically and socially. The gardens and nature trails, swimming pools and modern gyms are part of the institutions. Such programs encourage being active and indulging in leisure activities. The constant access to leisure and recreational facilities ensures robust physical health to all people within the institution. Employment opportunities arise in gym and swimming specialists that are employed to assist people.

People with specific dietary needs within the institution need dedicated and skilled chefs. This then necessitates the employment of skilled chefs who will then be responsible for making nutritious meals for the individual residents. Dedicated chefs are then supposed to be in charge within the institution to provide dietary services.

In the hospitality industry, employment opportunities are also offered. This is mostly in the hotels within. Leaders in charge of the institutions are mostly entrepreneurs, people with the ability to run the institution successful with the available finances and at the same time ensure a profit. Banking, provision of uniforms and vehicular operators are also employed to provide service to the residents.

See: http://releasefact.com/2017/10/sussex-healthcare-excels-in-meeting-complex-challenges/

Dr. Saad Saad and the Mother of Invention
May 15, 2018 — 18:48

The healthcare industry is continuously evolving despite ongoing imbalances of spending because of people like Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon who has left a permanent stamp on the industry. He is located in Eatontown, New Jersey and affiliated with many hospitals. He is also popular with his patients. In 2014, he won the Patient’s Choice Award. The award is given to doctors who are highly ranked based on their patient’s reviews. Dr. Saad has created a path for anyone who believes in themselves through hard work and perseverance. Born in Palestine, and relocated to Kuwait in the middle of the Jewish Diaspora, Dr. Saad suddenly became a refugee without a home. Once he decided to become a pediatric surgeon, he attended Cairo University Medical School. He graduated with honors. He then came to the United States to become board certified and begin his career. After many years of practice and great experiences, Dr. Saad started to wonder how he could enhance the surgical experiences of his patients. That’s when he redesigned two devices that are regularly used in the operating room.


Dr. Saad first created the catheter with electromagnetic location capability. It is an upgrade to traditional catheters for many reasons. It eliminates the need for X-rays. It lowers the risk of exposure to unsafe amounts of radiation. Dr. Saad’s catheter model has wires inside that send a signal to an external device. To locate the catheter, surgeons scan the patient’s body with the external device. When the device is directly aligned with the catheter, a light illuminates. The process is quicker than preparing and waiting for an X-ray as well. It saves time and keeps the patients safe.


Dr. Saad then began to notice how removing the endoscope in the middle of an endoscopy is inconvenient. It wastes time and takes a lot of effort on the surgeon’s behalf. Surgeons have to remove the endoscope when the lens becomes foggy. Bodily fluids cause this to happen and decrease the surgeon’s ability to see clearly. Therefore, the endoscope has to be removed and cleaned before it can be reinserted. Dr. Saad’s endoscope model has an anti-fog suction and irrigation attachment. When the endoscope becomes hazy, the surgeon can spray clear liquid and suction it out to achieve an unobstructed view. The device is a godsend. It lowers the amount of time it takes to perform endoscopies. It also increases the efficacy of the procedure. Let’s not leave out that the device has been used successfully by Dr. Saad as well as other surgeons. Created with the patient in mind, it’s easily accessible to most practices because it’s cheap to put together. Dr. Saad and the mother of invention and evolution win again. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html