José Borghi is the Best Advertising Professional in Brazil
February 16, 2017 — 17:53

The advertising industry of Brazil is growing day by day. Jose Borghi is the one who is considered to be the main character behind this success. He was born in the Brazilian city of PresidentePrudente. After attending the local school, he went to the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas to study propaganda and advertising. Borghi created Mullen Lowe which is Brazil’s biggest advertising agency. He became famous due to his innovative repercussion which showed children in costumes of different animals. Its success gave Borghi the confidence he needed. He realized that he has a passion for advertising inside him. His sister took him to a theater which was displaying a performance that had won the Cannes Award. Fortunately, the performance helped Borghi to make his decision. At that time, he had no idea that one day he would also win the Cannes Award. Borghi completed his education in 1989 and joined Standart Ogilvy to begin his professional ad career.

During the beginning of his career, Jose Borghi served at popular advertising agencies like Leo Burnett, FB, Talent, and DM9/DDB. After working for agencies for a few years, Borghi and his friend Erh Ray decided to launch their company which was named BorghiErh. According to Erh Ray, they used to spend the entire day doing tasks media planning, drinking coffee, and providing service. Their first major success came years later when Lowe got interested in investing in their company. As a result, Borghi Lowe was created in 2006. The company was successful both locally and internationally. After a few years, Lowe & Partners merged with Borghi Lowe to create Mullen Group. Jose Borghi and Andre Gomes were initial COOs of the Mullen Group.

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