Sawyer Howitt Has Good Words Of Advice For Would-Be Entrepreneurs
October 19, 2017 — 7:18

Sawyer Howitt knows about success in the world of business. He has made a name for himself in the Portland area thanks to achieving great success so early in his career.

Howitt serves as a project manager for the Meriwether Group. His dynamic job definitely keeps him busy. He still invests time in civic and community pursuits in order to help others. Howitt as a young entrepreneur also tries to give millennials a lot of good advice about becoming entrepreneurs.

Whether someone is a millennial or a bit older, good advice about entrepreneurship always delivers value. The life of an entrepreneur can be highly rewarding both personally and financially. Success on the path to entrepreneurial freedom requires a lot of hard work that comes with no guarantees. Advice and insight from someone in the know are worth pondering. Sawyer Howitt does his part to provide a little of both.

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According to, Howitt isn’t shy about telling budding entrepreneurs a few proverbial cold and hard truth. He notes, until the desired endeavor becomes sufficiently profitable, you are required to earn money elsewhere. You might not be totally fond of your day job, but you need the job to pay your bills. A day job also helps support the early steps of launching your own enterprise. Whether you chase opportunities in the field of consulting, personal training, website development, or anything else, initial startup costs must be paid. A day job covers at least some of those expenses.

Howitt also suggests soon-to-be startup entrepreneurs assess their weaknesses and do what is required to strengthen them. So, if your writing skills show weakness, steps should be taken to improve them. An entrepreneur also assumes the responsibility for educating him or herself. Assess all the different skills necessary to achieve objectives. Improve on areas that are lacking and never lose sight of strengths.

Giving up too easily when things don’t work out perfectly or not putting in the sufficient amount of effort doubtfully leads to positive outcomes. To live the life of an entrepreneur and reap the rewards, you must be willing to hang in there and work hard. Do this even when things don’t always look to be the best. Persistence surely pays off.

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