Marc Sparks, Entrepreneur
February 6, 2017 — 20:49

Marc Sparks is well-known for his success as an entrepreneur. Based in the Dallas, Texas area, Sparks has been active in business since his graduation from high school in 1975. With over 40 years of experience, his advice is sought after.

Sparks loves to start and build companies. His first major success was with a software company. He was wildly successful in that business, selling over $200 million in product. Sparks has been a force in the telecom space as well. He has been involved with communications companies including Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Blue Jay Wireless.

Currently, Marc Sparks runs Timber Creek Capital. This is a very private equity firm, where he maintains a handful of investments. In addition to this work, Sparks’ charity work takes up a great deal of his time.

Marc Sparks maintains a presence online through his website. There, he provides information and advice. There is also a contact form, where budding entrepreneurs can reach out to Sparks. He is always looking for a promising new idea to fund, or an inventor to mentor.

As a Christian, Sparks credits God with helping him to achieve. Although he wasn’t a great student, and does not hold many advanced degrees, Sparks has been able to earn respect and large amounts of money. He remembers the setbacks he has faced along the way, and works to stay humble. His journey and relationship with God is chronicled in his book “They Can’t Eat You.

One project close to Sparks’ heart is The Samaritan Inn. This is a homeless shelter that Sparks has been involved with for decades. With his support, this shelter has grown to serve a number of individuals and families.