Madison Street Capital Secures Minority Recapitalization Deal For Security Giant ARES Security Corporation
April 24, 2017 — 10:17

Earlier in January of this year, investment firm Madison Street Capital finalized a sizeable minority recapitalization deal for ARES Security Corporation. The Vienna (VA)-based company is renowned for its provision of security risk management and innovative security software services. ARES Security Corporation safeguards some of the most crucial assets in the world, including elaborate systems ran by the government, as well as the energy and transportation industries.


Madison Street Capital acted as the sole financial advisor in structuring the minority recapitalization deal, which was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The deal involved acquiring a minority equity and provision of a subordinated investment in debt by Corbel. In the world of structured equity funds, Corbel has become one of the most prominent players since it began operations in 2013. The firm manages capital worth 95 million dollars, which it invests in profitable private lower-middle market businesses. Corbel focus on non-control, return-based investments and typically concentrates on companies that offer it a chance to add operational or strategic value.


Madison Street’s extensive experience in the investments industry enabled it to be able to pinpoint the perfect investment partner to fit ARES Security’s needs. After working with Corbel on a number of previous deals, Madison Street was sure that they would come up with a creative, flexible investment solution. Corbel was able to deliver this and more, structuring an investment that could potentially increase ARES Security’s equity value. The deal structure also allows the firm to increase its sales figures, and capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities from Corbel’s extensive contacts network.


This ability to anticipate and fulfill its clients’ need is a hallmark of Madison Street Capital reputation. The distinguished middle-market investment bank has been lauded for its commitment to integrity, quality, and excellence in service delivery to its numerous global clients. It was founded in 2005 and has gained invaluable experience and contacts within the investment banking industry. The firm has its headquarters in Chicago and has offices in various North American, Asian and African cities.


Madison Street Capital provides financial solutions related to valuations, financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, and financial opinions to both public and private-equity firms. Their main aim in providing these services is to position their clients for success within the global market. Madison Street focuses most of its assets on emerging markets, which are the key drivers of growth for most businesses around the world. Their unique approach to investment banking has made Madison Street Capital one of the most reputable firms within the industry.


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