Customers Speak Out about the Services Offered by Securus
April 19, 2017 — 5:44

Securus is a company that has been in business for some years. They provide services such as monitoring, public safety, corrections, and investigations. During the time that the company has been operational, they have managed to get a lot of glowing recommendations from their customers. The awards are seen as a reflection of the superior quality of the services they offer and also their commitment to making the incarceration environment as safe as possible. Below are some of the things that have been said by customers who used these services.


One of their clients stated that they went to Securus because they needed help with an individual employee who they suspected was bringing in contraband to their facility. The company moved in and set up their monitoring devices and applications in the premises. They monitored the place closely, and in a short time, the company had received enough evidence to have the man arraigned in court and charged with the crime of bringing in contraband.


Richard Smith, the Chairman, and CEO of Securus stated that the company was developing a new product every week as part of their initiative to improve the overall incarceration environment. The primary focus of the services which they offer is the prevention of crime as opposed to resolving crimes after they have happened.


Another customer spoke about the services provided by Securus. The client runs a correctional facility that was having issues of inmates planning and executing illegal activities. When Securus came into the scene, they planted the communication devices that were needed to gather information. The information that was collected included a plan to bring in weapons, illegal cell phone use in the facility and a plan that was underway to commit a crime. When the jail received the information, they took the necessary measures to prevent the crimes. If the company continues in the same spirit, their level of success will undoubtedly increase.

Securus Technologies Is Not Letting GTL Get Away With Misleading Statements
January 19, 2017 — 9:42

As Global Tel Link (GTL)issues inaccurate press releases, Securus Technologies is determined not to sit back and not dispute them. Both companies provide inmate communication services and other criminal justice technology, however, GTL claims that Securus is using their patented technology without their permission. Securus flatly denies these claims, saying that GTL is misrepresenting what the Patent Board has ruled. For example, GTL claims that Securus is using their video visitation monitoring technology, while Securus insists that they are not using the one patented GTL security feature in the video visitation technology that they furnish to corrections facilities.

I cannot fathom GTL’s statements, nor why they feel it necessary to publish press releases that are purposefully misleading. In fact, Securus has more in-force patents and more pending patents than GTL, so it is not clear why GTL would believe Securus would need to infringe on their patents.

When families put money in an account for their loved one to call them from a corrections facility, they cannot choose which inmate telecommunications provider to use, therefore, GTL appears to be wasting their time trying to gain a competitive advantage with inaccurate press releases.