Ken Goodgame: An Expert in Marketing, Sales, and Merchandizing
December 1, 2016 — 8:51

Ken Goodgame is a sales and merchandise guru. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee and specialized in marketing. As an expert in Operations Management, Ken focuses on generating billion-dollar OEM excellence. He blends his knowledgeable business strategies with modernized financial skills, innovative marketing, and merchandising expertise.

Ken’s focuses on delivering a balanced corporate policy, employee engagement, KPI’S and quality assurance systems that enable enhanced profitability. Ken utilizes his ability to encourage growth through his leadership and negotiations skills, proven quality improvement, cost analysis, and productivity enhancements. His broad marketing experience enables him to navigate market changes and the ability to avoid costly errors.

Kenneth is the Senior Vice President and CMO of the True Value Company based in Chicago, (IL).His performances prove that he is a prominent expert in marketing and merchandising. Through his leadership, he ensures that employees work cohesively to deliver quality assurance and improve the profit margins. Ken successfully replaced 40% of the buying team at True Value Company which needed a serious overhaul.

The overall result was the development of a new team with a positive team spirit. The innovative reform saw an increase in profits at True Value of up to 10%, which was quite an achievement for the company. In September 2015, True Value Corporation launched the “New at True Value” end cap program, under the Goodgame leadership. Their goal was to show the value of innovation in True Value stores. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

Dealers greatly benefited from the product innovation. True Value became one of the top companies to introduce fresh products under $50 to the market in that year. True Value Hardware Corporation has operational offices in over 58 countries worldwide with over 2500 associates. True Value Associates in overseas offices operate independently in their individual stores.

The company provides a broad variety of products such as home appliances, lumber, household tools, rental equipment as well as building materials. Under Kenneth Goodgame’s leadership, the firm has seen increased profits and productive sales teams all over the world.

HBSDealer, Kenneth Goodgame is better equipped to handle trends in marketing, and retail merchandising, to ensure high returns for True Value, promoting growth and sustainability.