Revolutionizing Charter Schools with Rocketship Education
March 7, 2018 — 7:51

Rocketship Education is setting out to redefine education. Rocketship Education is a non-profit group of charter schools that aims at increasing education standards for low-income communities. Its first school was launched in 2007, and since then they have established a network of 25 innovative public charter schools.

What sets Rocketship Education apart from the rest? Parents help to choose their children’s teachers before classes start. Months before the school year is set to begin, parents can interview each teacher. This has helped change hiring practices and insured that parents get teachers that work best for their students. For parents, it gets them more involved with their children’s school life. There are also plans to build computer and internet equipped rooms where parents can work, while they wait for their children to finish school. Schools are great places to build communities, and parent involvement is a great way to do so.

Rocketship Education blends traditional teaching methods with innovative computer-assisted instruction. This has led to high test scores while keeping overall costs down. This allows for quality education in lower-income communities.

Rocketship Education values authenticity, community, tenacity, innovation, and excellence in its approach to education. By keeping parents involved they believe they can offer a transparent, authentic educational experience. This also helps to build community. A strong relationship between the educators, students, and parents builds a trusting community. They have also created an innovative environment for the students to thrive. Using the mixed learning environment, students use a variety of traditional and digital learning forms.

Rocketship Education uses four content blocks daily. These are STEM, Humanities, Learning Lab, and Enrichment. Teachers specialize in different areas and are better able to help student’s progress. Using digital technology, educators are able to track each student’s progress in each of the content blocks.

Rocketship Education aims to bring quality education to students regardless of parent’s income. All students deserve a high-quality education and Rocketship aims to do that through its innovative Public Charter School system.