Laura Rea Dickey, the CEO Creates Data-Steered Results

This entrepreneur evaluates data to accomplish some greatness. She claims that society has mythos established around the best investors and leaders. People assume that these leaders trust their ideas and guts and instinctively follow them to become successful.

Some famous quotes regarding certain individuals like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs among others show how reliant they were on their instincts when deciding on crucial things. Intuition seems a perfect tool, but it can lead one to mistakes if it is over-relied on when charting all essential paths because some decisions are not based on gut feeling.

In the past half-a-decade, certain developments in the IT sector like the widespread growth of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, machine learning, advanced analytics, and big data massive decisions can easily be made resulting in high evolution, higher bottom line, and commercial growth.

People create approximately 2.5 quintillion data bytes daily, and so any venture has never found it easier to gather, assess, and define data into actionable insights. This means every business should be guided by data in every decision arrived. This process entails arriving at perfect judgments by garnering data, getting the right patterns as well as data facts, and using them to conclude on the right business path.

The facts and sequences can help to create activities and approaches that will assist any investment in different ways. The idea is not new, but the follow-up activities were quite time-consuming and so delayed the whole process. Currently, IT strengthens leaders because they can collect insights effectively and timely.

Laura Rea Dickey’s Bio

Laura Rea is the Chief Executive Officer of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant found in Dallas. The executive has won several accolades because of her active participation in the venture. She boasts of about two decades of exposure in the IT and marketing field and is famous for exploiting the skills to convert data insights into investment solutions.

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