Jeremy Goldstein and the New York State Bar Association’s New Service
May 12, 2017 — 2:50

Finding an experienced and trustworthy lawyer for a reasonable price can be easier said than done more often times than not. Lawyers play a pivotal role in our criminal justice system as well as other common legal issues. Many people are wronged legally everyday one way or another and have no idea how to make things right and get what they deserve. A high percentage of those wronged want to hire a lawyer, but are skeptical due to the fear of being deceived by some con man looking to make a quick buck. So where can you find and hire a true professional who takes their job serious at an affordable rate?


Luckily, the city of New York has come up with an answer to this long standing problem by way of the New York State Bar Association’s reliable lawyer referral and information service (LRIS). LRIS has expanded it’s service to the internet, launching an online portal in combination with it’s already highly valued telephone service. LRIS hopes the new online portal will make it substantially easier for New Yorkers to find a more than capable lawyer to handle any legal issue they may have. The New York State Bar Association once again proves why it is one of the best state bar association in the country.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein has made quite a name for himself in the wildly competitive world of law. He currently serves as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & associates LLC. He advises many well known corporations in very important corporate matters.


Jeremy Goldstein has been on a roll for the past decade having his hands in many game changing corporate transactions, most noticeably United Technologies purchase of Goodrich. Few are better than Jeremy Goldstein at what he does for a living.


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The Philanthropic Life of George Soros
May 6, 2017 — 5:37

George Soros came back to the limelight of political spending by funding the Democratic politics in the States. He committed over $ 25 million in donations to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. Soros, a self-made billionaire, estimated to be worth over $ 24.9 billion continued his charitable activities towards the Democrats as the election neared. People close to the businessman said that he seemed more interested and engaged in the countries politics than ever before. Sources say that his participation in the countries politics, and especially Clintons, was due to his faith in her presidency and the fear of Donald Trump’s. According to his political adviser, Soros is a donor for the Democrats, but his recent emergence was due to the exceptionally high political stakes. Becoming a political financier to the Clintons side sowed seeds of more donations from other wealthy activists. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

His connection and influence were bound to catalyze giving from other sources. By June 2016, Soros had donated $ 7 million to PACs supporting the Clintons presidency. It is reported that he made an additional $ 3 million to the group making it the largest donation according to FEC filings. Additionally, George Soros funded the American Bridge 21st Century with $ 2 million, an institution that targeted Trump and other Republicans. He committed an additional $ 5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a foundation that seeks to mobilize voter turnout in low-Hispanic regions. Before the end of the election time, Soros had committed over $ 4.5 million to fight the Conservative efforts of restricting voting. Read more on

George Soros is a native of Hungary and was born in Budapest in 1930 to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. After the country occupation by the Nazis had become evident, his father made plans that saw him live with a government official. In 1947, Soros family moved to England where he studied economics at London School of Economics. It was in this institution that he met his mentor and teacher Karl Popper. After Graduation, he got a job at a brokerage firm where he learned international arbitrage. After four years, he moved to London, and his journey to prosperity began.

It was until 1979 when George Soros started the road of philanthropy. In 1984, he founded an open society foundation in his country of birth. The Open Society Foundation sought to foster the growth of vibrant and tolerant democracies whereby governments are accountable to the people. In 1987, he began donating large sums of money to nonprofit groups. In a span of one year, his philanthropic spending rose from $3 million to over $ 300 million. In 1993, he opened OSF, a foundation through which he extends his charity to nations across the globe. Today, Soros continue to fund several charities. Additionally, he makes political donations to the Democratic Party candidates in the States.

Madison Street Capital Secures Minority Recapitalization Deal For Security Giant ARES Security Corporation
April 24, 2017 — 10:17

Earlier in January of this year, investment firm Madison Street Capital finalized a sizeable minority recapitalization deal for ARES Security Corporation. The Vienna (VA)-based company is renowned for its provision of security risk management and innovative security software services. ARES Security Corporation safeguards some of the most crucial assets in the world, including elaborate systems ran by the government, as well as the energy and transportation industries.


Madison Street Capital acted as the sole financial advisor in structuring the minority recapitalization deal, which was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The deal involved acquiring a minority equity and provision of a subordinated investment in debt by Corbel. In the world of structured equity funds, Corbel has become one of the most prominent players since it began operations in 2013. The firm manages capital worth 95 million dollars, which it invests in profitable private lower-middle market businesses. Corbel focus on non-control, return-based investments and typically concentrates on companies that offer it a chance to add operational or strategic value.


Madison Street’s extensive experience in the investments industry enabled it to be able to pinpoint the perfect investment partner to fit ARES Security’s needs. After working with Corbel on a number of previous deals, Madison Street was sure that they would come up with a creative, flexible investment solution. Corbel was able to deliver this and more, structuring an investment that could potentially increase ARES Security’s equity value. The deal structure also allows the firm to increase its sales figures, and capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities from Corbel’s extensive contacts network.


This ability to anticipate and fulfill its clients’ need is a hallmark of Madison Street Capital reputation. The distinguished middle-market investment bank has been lauded for its commitment to integrity, quality, and excellence in service delivery to its numerous global clients. It was founded in 2005 and has gained invaluable experience and contacts within the investment banking industry. The firm has its headquarters in Chicago and has offices in various North American, Asian and African cities.


Madison Street Capital provides financial solutions related to valuations, financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, and financial opinions to both public and private-equity firms. Their main aim in providing these services is to position their clients for success within the global market. Madison Street focuses most of its assets on emerging markets, which are the key drivers of growth for most businesses around the world. Their unique approach to investment banking has made Madison Street Capital one of the most reputable firms within the industry.


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Customers Speak Out about the Services Offered by Securus
April 19, 2017 — 5:44

Securus is a company that has been in business for some years. They provide services such as monitoring, public safety, corrections, and investigations. During the time that the company has been operational, they have managed to get a lot of glowing recommendations from their customers. The awards are seen as a reflection of the superior quality of the services they offer and also their commitment to making the incarceration environment as safe as possible. Below are some of the things that have been said by customers who used these services.


One of their clients stated that they went to Securus because they needed help with an individual employee who they suspected was bringing in contraband to their facility. The company moved in and set up their monitoring devices and applications in the premises. They monitored the place closely, and in a short time, the company had received enough evidence to have the man arraigned in court and charged with the crime of bringing in contraband.


Richard Smith, the Chairman, and CEO of Securus stated that the company was developing a new product every week as part of their initiative to improve the overall incarceration environment. The primary focus of the services which they offer is the prevention of crime as opposed to resolving crimes after they have happened.


Another customer spoke about the services provided by Securus. The client runs a correctional facility that was having issues of inmates planning and executing illegal activities. When Securus came into the scene, they planted the communication devices that were needed to gather information. The information that was collected included a plan to bring in weapons, illegal cell phone use in the facility and a plan that was underway to commit a crime. When the jail received the information, they took the necessary measures to prevent the crimes. If the company continues in the same spirit, their level of success will undoubtedly increase.

MB2 Dental Has The Expertise And The Passion
April 3, 2017 — 17:29

The patients are focused on getting the best dental health. This is why they like to get services from a dental professional providing a great rapport. But there are dentists who have the expertise but are still not able to provide proper customer care to their patients.

This is something that MB2 Dental understands very well. Their leadership team comprises of experts like Dr. Akhil Reddy who understand what all dentists have to go through.

The fact is that dental professionals are passionate about their work. But they may not be able to concentrate on it properly. There are many reasons behind this.

White Pages shows that basically MB2 Dental has the expertise of understanding the dilemma dentists have to face. They have a leadership team that has been on either side of the table. Hence it is a service that is by dentists for dentists.

According to Indeed, thus MB2 Dental is offering services that would be able to make the life of dentists much easier. They are aimed at not jeopardizing the sanctity of the profession which the dentists love.

Dentists are good people who would like to focus on their work only. But there are many who wish for their own clinic. This allows them autonomy as well as flexibility. But there is a lot of work in case of having a clinic.

This may mean that dentists are not able to focus on the work at hand, which is their real work of dentistry. MB2 Dental can help them in such situations.

MB2 Dental is offering assistance in various aspects of a private business. These include HR, accounting, as well as marketing besides many other such divisions. In fact, they are able to do end-to-end tasks.

This means that dentists can have complete peace of mind. They would be able to do their work well only in such case. Hence they have to feel confident that all other aspects of their private practice are well taken care of.

MB2 Dental is well equipped to take care of HR needs. They can look after recruiting, training, besides payroll, and such other activities. This will always be a major pain area for dentists. Qualified and experienced persons are always difficult to find.

It requires an investment of time and money. This is not easy for dentists as time is always at a premium for them. Besides, they need to focus on their core profession primarily.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Emphasis On The Importance Of Philanthropy
March 8, 2017 — 23:35

Vijay Eswaran co-founded QI Group Ltd. nearly 20 years ago, but along with founding this company he established RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM Foundation has been serving the Asian community through projects targeted at children with special needs, impoverished and underdeveloped communities, and environmental safety reforms.

Eswaran’s philanthropy has been inspired by his father who named his own Vijayratnam Foundation after, and Mahatma Gandhi who practiced achieving peace through peaceful means. Eswaran was even named to Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy list in 2011.

Vijay Eswaran is the son of a former Malaysian Ministry of Labor official and a school teacher. He saw much of an underdeveloped Asia growing up and had the drive to do something for his community. He decided to study socio-economics at the London School of Economics, and completed his bachelor’s degree there.

He spent a year working odd jobs harvesting in vineyards in France and driving cabs in London, but soon had enough money saved up to attend grad school at Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA. He worked for a few IT companies and then moved back to Malaysia to become part of the Cosway Group.

At this juncture of his career, Eswaran had become proficient in multilevel marketing and decided to pursue it full time. He co-founded a multilevel marketing company of his own, QI Group Ltd. that became worth billions in a fairly short period.

QI Group sells a variety of household and personal health products as well as jewelry and vacation deals through QNet, and they have real estate holdings and finance small to midsized businesses through QI Asset Management. QI Group is also the founder of Quest International University Perak.

Vijay Eswaran has spoken at business seminars and gatherings including the renowned World Economic Forum hosted in Switzerland. He’s also written many books on leadership and how ethics and spirituality can shape the workplace. Some of his bestsellers include In The Sphere of Silence and 18 Stepping Stones.

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Julie Zuckerberg Believes Finding Right Talent Is The Most Fruitful Job
March 1, 2017 — 2:31

Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead of Deutsche Bank believes that finding right talent is the most fruitful job. As a talent acquisition specialist with more than 15 years of experience, she knows how important is finding the right talent. She thinks that the candidates with the right skill set always provide superior service to the firm and hence the product or service the firm delivers would also be of superior standard. She uses multiple channels to bring the right people onboard. It includes referrals from the existing employees, technological advancements, social media sourcing, recruitment agencies etc. Any medium of sourcing can’t be neglected as people might use different channels according to their level of accessibility and ease. She also understands the need of simplified interview procedures as it can play a great part in getting the right talent. It is found that people prefer proper communication and systematic approach throughout the hiring process. Also, she plays a vital role in branding Deutsche Bank as a wonderful place to work so that more and more candidates would look for its jobs. Julie also keeps a strong talent network to ensure easy and quick hiring.



In her current role at Deutsche Bank, Julie collaborates with business leaders of Global Technology & Operations, Private Wealth & Commercial Clients, and Asset Management verticals to ensure regional talent acquisition, recruitment cycle and process improvements, and strategies. She is working closely with the senior leadership of the bank for Managing Director level offerings for various verticals by consulting key stakeholders and material risk takers. She leads in providing the strategic direction and training to sourcers, the team of recruiters, and various recruiting coordinators of GTO, PW&CC, and AM.  Before being promoted to current role, Julie was working as Vice President and Executive Recruiter at the bank. During the period, she took various responsibilities including partnering with business partners, hiring managers to manage and lead the full-cycle recruitment for Director and Managing Director level roles for Global Technology & Operations, Regional Management, Investor Relations, Finance, U.S. Compliance etc. Her active participation in recruitment strategies including internal mobility, agency engagement or search firm by consulting the appropriate managers was aimed to get the right talent with respect to the requirement.



Julie Zuckerberg started her career with Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement, where she took care of various recruitment and counseling on various employee benefits. Then, she joined Citi as Vice President and Executive Recruiter with various responsibilities from recruiting Director and Managing Director level recruitments to designing recruitment strategies. She also worked with New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice President for a period of four months before joining Deutsche Bank. She started her career after completing her J.D. from New York Law School and graduation in philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She likes running, photography, technology news, and arts. She also invests time in civil rights, human rights, animal welfare, science, technology, and economic issues.

José Borghi is the Best Advertising Professional in Brazil
February 16, 2017 — 17:53

The advertising industry of Brazil is growing day by day. Jose Borghi is the one who is considered to be the main character behind this success. He was born in the Brazilian city of PresidentePrudente. After attending the local school, he went to the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas to study propaganda and advertising. Borghi created Mullen Lowe which is Brazil’s biggest advertising agency. He became famous due to his innovative repercussion which showed children in costumes of different animals. Its success gave Borghi the confidence he needed. He realized that he has a passion for advertising inside him. His sister took him to a theater which was displaying a performance that had won the Cannes Award. Fortunately, the performance helped Borghi to make his decision. At that time, he had no idea that one day he would also win the Cannes Award. Borghi completed his education in 1989 and joined Standart Ogilvy to begin his professional ad career.

During the beginning of his career, Jose Borghi served at popular advertising agencies like Leo Burnett, FB, Talent, and DM9/DDB. After working for agencies for a few years, Borghi and his friend Erh Ray decided to launch their company which was named BorghiErh. According to Erh Ray, they used to spend the entire day doing tasks media planning, drinking coffee, and providing service. Their first major success came years later when Lowe got interested in investing in their company. As a result, Borghi Lowe was created in 2006. The company was successful both locally and internationally. After a few years, Lowe & Partners merged with Borghi Lowe to create Mullen Group. Jose Borghi and Andre Gomes were initial COOs of the Mullen Group.

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Squaw Valley Reports Water Quality Is Improving
February 10, 2017 — 18:50

Squaw Valley has been working hard to improve their water quality. In November of 2016, an unusually strong rainstorm hit Squaw Valley. Due to the impact of the storm, a recently upgraded water system was contaminated. Traces of E.coli and coliform were detected in the water. Squaw Valley acted quickly and at no point was the contaminated water available to the public.


Squaw Valley swiftly reported the contamination to Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District. These agencies, along with other health experts, have been working with Squaw Valley to remedy the situation. The water is being treated consistently and improving vastly.


Squaw Valley is making certain that they keep the public notified of the water status by issuing statements. In their most recent statement, they informed the public that no traces of E.coli and very low traces of coliform are present in the water.


The safety of their patrons is of the utmost importance to the resort. They will continue to work diligently until they can assure their guests that water usage is safe. In the meantime, the resort encourages their patrons to continue to ski. Squaw Valley will continue to report the condition of their water safety to the public, until they are fully assured by health officials and water safety experts, that the water is safe for consumption.



Marc Sparks, Entrepreneur
February 6, 2017 — 20:49

Marc Sparks is well-known for his success as an entrepreneur. Based in the Dallas, Texas area, Sparks has been active in business since his graduation from high school in 1975. With over 40 years of experience, his advice is sought after.

Sparks loves to start and build companies. His first major success was with a software company. He was wildly successful in that business, selling over $200 million in product. Sparks has been a force in the telecom space as well. He has been involved with communications companies including Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Blue Jay Wireless.

Currently, Marc Sparks runs Timber Creek Capital. This is a very private equity firm, where he maintains a handful of investments. In addition to this work, Sparks’ charity work takes up a great deal of his time.

Marc Sparks maintains a presence online through his website. There, he provides information and advice. There is also a contact form, where budding entrepreneurs can reach out to Sparks. He is always looking for a promising new idea to fund, or an inventor to mentor.

As a Christian, Sparks credits God with helping him to achieve. Although he wasn’t a great student, and does not hold many advanced degrees, Sparks has been able to earn respect and large amounts of money. He remembers the setbacks he has faced along the way, and works to stay humble. His journey and relationship with God is chronicled in his book “They Can’t Eat You.

One project close to Sparks’ heart is The Samaritan Inn. This is a homeless shelter that Sparks has been involved with for decades. With his support, this shelter has grown to serve a number of individuals and families.