Aliento Turns DREAMers’ Dreams into Art
July 20, 2017 — 15:40

By some counts, 65,000 students each year will graduate from high school in the United States, alongside their classmates and peers, but be unable to join in any of the most basic rituals teenagers have in our country. They cannot legally drive, vote, or get a job, restricting their options whether that be to go to college, join the military, or other basic expectations their fellow American students share.

Yet, despite all the focus on what these students cannot do, they have many innate talents, things that they can do. Larkin and Lacey have many gifts, and the DREAM act, despite all its delays, encapsulates their dreams and their gifts. And those gifts are what the community organization called Aliento focuses on. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

They use the arts – painting, drawing, sharing – to create a space where the DREAMers can express themselves, their feelings, and the way the world outside impacts them day after day.

Through art, they show who they really are, giving humanity and power to people who are otherwise made powerless by forces beyond their control. Through artwork, they empower the DREAMer generation, the thousands of kids who have so much to give back to the country they grew up in and love.

Aliento also takes that inner passion and artwork and brings it forward into the community. Their workshops and political gatherings are meant to raise awareness of another way for people to live, in harmony, not in strife, bickering, and fear. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The art they create speaks to the common humanity in everyone, both those who are born in the US with full citizenship, and those whose parents brought them here in the desperate hope for a better life.

The Aliento organization relies on donations in order to provide its free workshops for DREAMer youth in Arizona. Donations cover the cost of materials, including paper, art supplies, and creating a safe space for the children to attend the community events. One of the organizations that helps out is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists who were investigating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio when they were arrested, thrown into jail, and questioned on the demands of the Sheriff, who was angered by a piece they had written for the Phoenix New Times about his misdeeds fostering anti-Mexican sentiment in Phoenix Arizona.

The reporting dug into allegations of financial and management irregularities in the Sheriff’s office, and the two were issued Grand Jury Subpoenas for the newspaper’s writers, editors and readers.

The arrest ended in less than 24 hours after a national outcry and sparked a legal battle over first amendment rights between Larkin and Lacey and Arpaio. They received a 3.7 million dollar settlement, and decided to create a fund where their work supporting the Arizona immigrant community could continue.

The money is donated to many organizations in Arizona and the Southwest that promote the cultural, educational, political and legal rights of immigrants and other marginalized communities.

Eva Moskowitz Says “Anyone Can Visit My Charter Schools”
July 13, 2017 — 22:07

These days even education is something that has turned political. One would think that if there were something we could all agree on it would be how to best educate our children. That is just not the case though. We are still fighting uphill battles to get along with one another and charter schools are one of the things we argue about.


One person who has made her position clear on charter schools is Eva Moskowitz. It is not that surprising when you realize that Eva Moskowitz has been on the front lines of getting some charter schools up and running. She says that she does not have an agenda besides getting more children the best education that they possibly can get.


Eva Moskowitz describes herself as a registered Democrat, but she wants to make it clear that anyone is welcomed in her schools. She says that she has no political litmus test and that working with Republicans can often benefit her goals. Eva Moskowitz has met with Republican leaders in recent days and she feels that she has been unfairly criticized for doing so. She says that it is a sad day when you get called out just for having a conversation with the other side.


Eva Moskowitz wants to make it clear that anyone who wants to work with her on making charter schools more available is an ally of hers. She has worked with Republicans and Democrats and even the occasional Independent to get these projects done. She understands that not everyone agrees with her vision for more charter schools, but she also believes in having an open and honest dialogue around the issue.


These days, Moskowitz continues to fight for charter schools while at the same time making it very clear that it is acceptable to be a Democrat and still fight for these types of issues.

Tasty Beneful Healthy Puppy Food
July 11, 2017 — 14:49

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Jeremy Goldstein a top New York executive compensation lawyer
July 10, 2017 — 6:57

Finding legal support in New York can be a nightmare for those who find themselves in some sort of legal crisis. The New York State Bar Association has now made it easier for New Yorkers to find legal assistance when you face a criminal matter, child custody issue, write your will, handle a landlord-tenant dispute or other legal issue. The New York State Bar Association has now made it quick and easier for businesses and consumers to find the help they need for a legal matter.


The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service just launched a new online-portal service for New Yorkers who are looking for a lawyer. The service is open 24 hours a day and is completely confidential thanks to the New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service created this portal as a way to streamline the process of finding legal support.


The attorneys offered through this service have been properly vetted and are credentialed by the New York State Bar Association. The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service created this product with support from, which is a national provider of referral management technology for those in the legal field. This new service allows lawyers to provide services to a larger number of people, while also providing it at a cheaper rate. The New York State Bar Association has become the largest volunteer state bar association in the country. It was launched in 1876.


One of the attorneys you may be provided is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is an active partner at his firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. His firm specializes on issues such as executive comepnsation and corporate governance matters. Jeremy Goldstein previously was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Over the last 10 years, Jeremy Goldstein has overseen many of the country’s largest corporate transactions including the purchase Goodrich by United Technologies. He currently has appeared on television and several financial magazines discussing corporate governance and executive compensation. He has recently become a top executive compensation lawyer.


Jeremy Goldstein is the chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.  Jeremy Goldstein  earned his J.D. from New York University’s School of Law. Jeremy Goldstein earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and then a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on Facebook.


Advocating for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights
June 28, 2017 — 13:36

There are thousands of groups trying to make a positive change in the world focusing on issues such as: equal access to education, human trafficking, forest preservation, animal protection, and women’s rights.

Let’s talk about the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. These two have taken a $3.7 million settlement to fund many different migrant rights organizations across Arizona. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin where arrested at their homes late at night and thrown in jail. This all happened because they revealed a grand jury’s request to obtain reporters’ notes about the sheriff that arrested them. Even the identities of the people that read the articles about Sheriff Joe Arpaio online.

Lacey and Larkin have spent their careers defending their First Amendment rights. They ended up suing the county and won their case in the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth court. As activists themselves the Lacey and Larkin Fund supports all kinds of advocate groups that thrive with their aid.

The Advocates for Human Rights is another great group that has been helping people since 1983. Their goal is to aid in victim rehabilitation. They try to help them get their lives back on track in the form of employment, asylum, and legal advice.

The Advocates hold governments accountable when they violate basic human rights. They are striving to see a world where people have equality and no longer have to walk around in fear. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

All these different Advocacy groups want the same thing. They are all aiming to change the world for the better. A world that all people are proud to call home and work together for the common good. It’s a long hard road to reach this outcome but they’re not giving up. These groups remind us all of the need to lend a helping hand, to care of each other.

Mike Lacey & Jim Larkin are doing something truly amazing today. They are providing a vital resource to these groups so they can continue their efforts to preserve civil, human and migrant rights. It’s important to keep the governments in check and make sure they really have the best interest of the people in mind. The groups they support are constantly working to improve the lives of people all over the world, working day and night.

There are many groups advocating for civil, human and migrant rights but they need support and that’s where people like Lacey & Larkin come in. They dedicate their lives and money to making the world a better place for all people.

Cotemar Mexico at the Center Of Mexican Oil Revolution
June 26, 2017 — 1:15

A new energy revolution in Mexico is underway: A deep water oil exploration tender that will see $ 45 billion worth of investments flow into Mexico is just about to happen, the Mexican Energy Secretariat says. At the center of the oil revolution, is the giant Mexican oil and gas company Cotemar.


Serving the Oil and Gas Industry


There is no doubt that Cotemar will play a crucial role in boosting the Mexican economy once the deep water oil project starts. Cotemar is a 38-year old oil and gas industry company specializing in offshore oil fields development, construction services, and maritime operations support. Additionally, Cotemar is also excellent in vessel maintenance, accommodation, catering, and transporting staff and supplies offshore with specialized sea vessels.


Founded in 1992, Cotemar’s services and contribution to the Mexican oil industry especially in offshore oilfields is exemplary. Cotemar’s highly specialized services fall into three strategic classes:


Expert Maritime Vessels Services


The company has assisted offshore oil field investors to transport personnel, foodstuffs, or light-weight items using specialized vessels. The company also has fire-fighting vessels, towing vessels, and barges boats to supplement any offshore oil drilling operations.


Construction, Engineering, and Maintenance


With a staff that is experienced in oil rig maintenance, oil rig rehabilitation, and caring for oil processing centers, Cotemar is the right partner in any offshore oil project. The staff at Cotemar is quite good at running jobs and even the assembling of prefab buildings.


Accommodation and Catering


Cotemar has the advantage over other companies offering oil drilling services. To guarantee the welfare of oil drilling clients, Cotemar will provide accommodation and catering too.


Work Ethics and Values


To work for Cotemar provides an opportunity for an integral development of your career, family, physical, and social life. Cotemar’s employees and their families can enjoy a wide range of programs ranging from equity programs, education, sports, health, and social events that promote family integration.


Service to Community


Cotemar believes that the community in which the company does business is part of the Cotemar family. To fulfill the company’s social responsibility, Cotemar has programs to create jobs, culture, social, health, and educational institutions for the community.


Sustainable Environment


Ensuring the sustainability of the environment during and after oil drilling activities is part of Cotemar’s policy. To promote environmental friendly oil drilling operations, Cotemar will operate on ecological preservation guidelines.


As the Mexican oil revolution takes off, Cotemar is ready to offer their 38-year old experience and professionalism but also help the community and preserve the environment.


For more details, visit

How Sweetgreen’s Is A New Type Of Restaurant
June 14, 2017 — 5:13

Sweetgreen’s is a restaurant that is different than other chain fast food places. It sells food that is organic, fresh, and healthy. Additionally, each restaurant gets its ingredients from farms that are local to its location. The restaurant now has 40 locations which are located in the Northeastern United States and in California.

One of the co-CEO’s of Sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru, said that the restaurant was premised on the idea of serving customers healthy, great tasting food. When he and the other co-founder of Sweetgreens were attending Georgetown University they all attended an entrepreneurship class. They also came from families of immigrants who had started their own company. They developed the idea of Sweetgreen’s by noting that there were no healthy restaurant options around the university.

Nathaniel and his business partners established the first Sweetgreen’s near Georgetown University and it proved to be a very successful restaurant concept. They’re first big test occurred during winter break as all of the students went home for the holiday.

Nathaniel Ru has said that he wants to build a business that stands for more than just providing people food. He wants to help create a culture of healthy eating that primarily eats food from local sources. This not only helps build local economies but it also cuts down on the environmental impact or running a business. Getting ingredients from local sources cause far fewer greenhouse gasses than getting food shipped to each restaurant from across the United States or even from around the world.

Rather than clustering their locations near other fast food options as most of the chains operate, Nathaniel Ru points out that they establish theirs in areas that are up and coming. The idea is to place restaurants near where people live rather than just near where they work. In this way they stay busy not only during lunch hour but also have lines out the door for dinners and during the weekend hours.

Another important thing at Sweetgreen, according to Nathaniel Ru, is an open kitchen design. They want customers to see and experience their food being created. The company focuses on being transparent and showing rather than telling their customers how they treat the food that they serve.


Follow Nathaniel Ru on twitter @nathanielru.



Mike Baur; One of the Pioneers of the Startup Ecosystem in Switzerland
June 9, 2017 — 1:41

Mike Baur is a technology investor and a former banker based in Switzerland. His work revolves around scouting for startups, advising startups, and connecting them with investors. He started his career in the banking sector as a commercial apprentice at UBS Fribourg. Baur worked in this role for nine years. He moved to a higher position in 2000. He joined the KeyClient Group Switzerland division at the bank two years later. Baur advanced to Clariden Leu as the head of private banking in 2008. This is another top bank in the country.


Baur accepted the same position at Sallfort Privatbank AG in 2012. He worked there for one and a half years. He is noted for his meteoric rise from the bottom to become a top executive at the top banks in Switzerland. He left to become an investor in technology companies after working for two decades in the financial sector. He launched Think Reloaded AG in April 2014. Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister at the beginning of 2015. The accelerator is based in Zurich. It incubates startups for three months. They also provide services such as office space, mentoring, and coaching to teams. The Swiss Startup Factory offers startups a chance to tap into the vast network of investors and industry leaders who can help their companies.


Baur became the deputy managing director of Swiss Startup Invest last year. He gained this role after CTI partnered with the accelerator during one of the rounds. Swiss Startup Invest offers seed funding and late-stage funding to technology companies in the country. They bring together angel investors and venture capitalists to fund companies. They also host networking events where various stakeholders can come and meet the founders and see their products. Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Association in October 2015. The association is dedicated to speak for upstarts and to make the country more friendly to their growth. They champion for a better tax and regulatory environment that allow them to thrive.


Baur is also the vice president of the Innovation Lab in Fribourg. The lab mentors and supports engineering and business students who have innovative ideas and wish to take them to the market. The lab gives them access to a network of investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors to advise them on how to succeed. He is frequently invited to give talks at universities and startup events because of his rich background in business and startup companies.



Hussain Sajwani of Damac Properties
June 7, 2017 — 18:33

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a company that started off in Dubai and is now a global brand. Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington and worked at GASCO as a contracts manager. GASCO is one of the leading companies in the world. When he quit working there, he started his empire in 1982 with a catering service company. Today, he has expanded to the property market in Dubai venturing in hotel accommodation for visitors going to the Arabian Gulf for business.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani created the DAMAC Properties company that was going to invest heavily in the real estate business. DAMAC has achieved a lot of milestones, and as of now, it is the world’s finest brand in the real estate development. They are leading in the Middle East, and they have interests and assets in other cities like Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh, London, Amman, Doha and are still looking to venture in other countries.

Hussain Sajwani has over 2000 employees that help in building his empire. So far, they have developed 16,800 homes having a portfolio of over 44,000 units that are yet to be completed.

DAMAC has partnered with other like-minded companies and individuals to come up with prestigious projects and get into new markets. Damac owner contracts big and established companies with respected brands having a taste of fashion that will bring excellent results and products. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

The golfer, Tiger Woods made the plan of DAMAC’s newest golf course that will open in 2018. His luxurious apartments interiors were designed and fixed Italian designers like Versace, Bugatti, and Fendi. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

The Trumps family and Hussain Sajwani family are good friends, and they have invested in great golf courses in Dubai. The DAMAC brand is now large because of Sajwani’s entrepreneurial skills and his clear vision on real estates. He is now among the 100 most influential Arabs in the world. Efforts made by him are always fruitful.

The company is philanthropic giving cheques that go into supporting kids that are without clothing in the world. The initiative is called the Ramadan that was initiated and blessed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Al Makhtoum together with the prime minister, vice president and the ruler of Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani And His Incredible Rise In The Global Real Estate Industry
May 20, 2017 — 21:15

If you are thinking of a white collar entrepreneur who rose from modest beginnings, Hussain Sajwani is one of them. The globally acclaimed real estate magnate rose from a simple business background to become one of the richest men on the planet.

Today, Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of DAMAC Properties Co. LLC, a company he founded in 2002. Previously, the DAMAC owner had held a position at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Even before he left for overseas education, the real estate mogul used to trade timeshare apartments in Dubai.

As fate would have it, Hussain Sajwani’s star was destined for big business. His studious wit earned him a scholarship to study in the US in 1978. After graduating with an Industrial Engineering and Economics degree from the University of Washington, Seattle, he tried out a job in Abu Dhabi. Afterward, he grew a penchant for selling services and this is where his catering company was founded. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

The firm flourished after landing lucrative contracts to supply food to American forces in the Middle East, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. The company, Global Logistics Services, is still up and running up to date. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

There’s no doubt that Sajwani’s business acuity was always above par. He took advantage of a decree by the Dubai government that allowed foreigners to acquire property in the Emirates.

Business was booming, and he managed to close apartment units in his entire 38-floor skyscraper in just six months. In the sector, Sajwani built himself a reputation that attracted top end business people including Donald Trump even before he became president.

In less than three decades, Hussain Sajwani family entrepreneurial success is nothing less than a mystical phenomenon. He marshaled Damac’s prowess in the financial services sector and made significant inroads into the insurance industry.

By 2014, the company was valued at $4 billion with Sajwani controlling 85%. Today, the firm’s tentacles run far and wide with offices in over five continents. All this can be attributed to Sajwani efforts as a smart business professional who has a track record that speaks for itself.