SeaWorld Hopes for Better Business Opportunities Even with the Presence of COVID-19

The head of SeaWorld’s marketing department has had issues in his career recently. Many firms have faced challenges because of COVID-19, and most of them have had to look for other avenues for continuing in operation. The people working in those businesses have also remained at the forefront. The same has happened to Mr. James Geiser. He is the owner of SeaWorld, an amusement park that started operating a few months ago.

The company also felt the COVID-19 pandemic effects, whereby it experienced many problems, including major losses. During that period, James worked at the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, going through the same problems. Learn more

Mr. Geiser shared sentiments to Bloomberg on how coronavirus affected businesses and the plans that SeaWorld had for reviving them during the COVID-19 era. He noted SeaWorld enjoyed great business before coronavirus happened. However, that changed within a short time since individuals had to start doing things differently.

Businesses that thrive by serving crowds suffered massively. Therefore, the government gave out regulations that people needed to follow to be fewer coronavirus infections, for example, wearing masks. That has not changed. SeaWorld had to factor in the standard set by the government to continue operating. People who go to the park are required to have masks on at all times. Individuals have had to adapt to the new way of living and continue enjoying themselves.

The park had to lessen the number of people that entered at different times of the day. As a result, only one part of the park was open. In addition, the park permitted only three sessions daily, each having 1,000 people. However, SeaWorld is finding ways of encouraging visitors into the park with the notion that having fun is still important.

Although the company’s shares had dropped by 60%, their value increased at the same rate in 2021. According to Mr. Geiser, it might take time before individuals went back to living normally. He, however, hopes that things will soon improve. More information: