Stephen Bittel story in real estate

When a pandemic is ongoing, it is normal for people to feel stressed and lonely. The recent pandemic, for instance, made millions of people get out work to stay at home. Without work and an income, it was tough for many people to experience their normal life. Organizations that have enjoyed independence and good operations for years could not help but close their institutions because of the strict lockdowns and movement restrictions. The tourism department contributes to the growth of many regions of the world. Other department such as real estate depend so much on tourism to operate. Everyone, including Miami top real estate mogul, Stephen Bittel did not know how the situation caused by the pandemic was going to end. The Miami people have always enjoyed partying and moving around, and these are some of the features people could not enjoy because of the pandemic. Stephen Bittel could tell that that was tension among his employees and investors in the commercial section. Because Stephen Bittel has all of the qualities of an effective leader, he had to give hope to the other stakeholders in the country.

Stephen Bittel realized that the Miami healthcare officials were allowing businesses to operate in open spaces because the virus could not be spread in the open hair. After learning about this, Bittel began to work on creating the ideal spaces for his restaurant customers. The idea worked well on the rooftop spaces. The younger communities expressed their concern about moving to the urban sections because of their jobs and environment. Moving with consumer trends and changes has been helping the Terranova founder to grow while industries are crying because of losses. The awful situation has been getting better for Stephen Bittel in the pandemic times. Giving a listening ear to the customers has been paying too.

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