The Truth about QNET Scam Accusations

QNET is a worldwide e-commerce company with numerous distributors and consumers. The company aims to provide its customers with unique and high-quality products and services while allowing entrepreneurs to build, promote and sell their products and services directly. The direct selling company has a global footprint and its headquarters in Hong Kong and offices and agencies in more than 25 countries across the globe. QNET is not a rich-quick scheme because the only way to earn money is by selling products. Learn more

Therefore, the sales representatives and marketers have to be vigilant. Unlike the traditional business, it does not call for huge start-up costs and managing operational overheads. Unfortunately, some people have referred to QNET as a scam, but this is a far cry from the truth. A pyramid scheme is illegal, and people get a commission for recruiting new members. The unsustainable business model eventually collapses. However, a legitimate direct selling company like QNET focuses on selling products.

Lack of accurate information can make people label legitimate companies like QNET a scam. Success in direct selling calls for hard work and dedication. However, some people are unable to put in the work necessary for success. They lack the patience required because they expect to get earnings overnight. Therefore, they start making baseless accusations about direct selling companies like QNET.

There are other factors to show the legitimacy of QNET, such as the company’s longevity. QNET had its humble beginnings nearly twenty years ago in South East Asia. It has since grown into a global direct selling business. Additionally, its credibility is visible through its strong long-term relationships. They are the official distributor at the Sydney Olympic Games, 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and the Beijing Olympic Games.

QNET always complies with the local laws in the countries in which they operate. They pay taxes, reinvest in the countries, and even engage in philanthropic activities. QNET offers an opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs where they earn commission through selling products for a reputable company like QNET.